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The Competitive Sales System

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Our Competitive Selling program focuses on providing sellers with a competitive edge from prospecting through closing. This proven, field-tested training measurably increases sales activity, advances the sales process, and improves sales forecasting. The end result is a quantifiable positive change to the entire sales culture and an increase in revenue. The system is perfect for those new to sales, as well as veterans who need to refocus on practicing effective sales habits.

Pipeline Management

  • Trains salespeople how to connect their sales goals with their activity, and trains managers how to properly inspect, diagnose, and coach their sellers toward improvement.

Prospecting & Personal Marketing

  • Trains sellers how to leverage email, phone, social media and networking in order to increase first appointments and build relationships with the right decision makers.

Great First Meetings

  • Helps sellers gain the confidence and skills needed to more effectively prepare for meetings and strategize to advance the right sales with qualified prospects.

Objection Handling

  • Trains sellers how to prepare, anticipate, and turn-around common objections received during the sales process.

Presenting, Negotiating, & Closing

  • Provides best practice strategies and techniques as well as opportunities to role-play practice these essential selling skills.

2nd Level Questioning

  • Train sellers on how to go beneath the surface of a typical sales conversation by focusing on best practices and skill development including information gathering, active listening, and qualifying through questioning. 

Sales Improv

  • Improv isn't just about making people laugh - it's a tool that helps improve your communication skills, which can boost sales performance and help any team of people work together more effectively. Through a series of exercises and games, your team will practice listening carefully, building on the ideas of their peers, and respecting everyone's unique perspective. 

Coaching the Competitive Seller

  • Trains managers how to become coaches and help develop their sales team. We collaborate with managers to create a customized coaching plan to implement. 

Selling in the Digital Media Landscape

Digital Media Landscape Sales Training in NYC

Our Selling in the Digital Media Landscape program focuses on helping sellers increase their knowledge of the overall digital media landscape, as well as helps them improve their ability to sell in the media space. With techniques like objection handling strategies and meeting preparation, sellers learn how to properly position their product and successfully sell in the digital space.

Understanding the Digital Media Landscape

  • Lays the foundation of knowledge to help sellers understand and navigate the changing digital media and advertising ecosystem. We provide versions with different levels of difficulty to tailor to various skill sets.

What’s Trending

  • More advanced sellers need to understand the current hot button issues: Programmatic, Native, Social Media, Mobile, Video, Attribution, Data, Email, SEO, and SEM.  Topics are refreshed on a continuous basis and customized based on client needs.

Selling Digital Media 

  • Helps sellers translate their sales message to marketers and agencies who know more (or less) than the seller. Sellers learn how to ask the right questions and present the right solutions.  This program focuses on understanding the advertiser’s performance goals and handling objections.

Selling Against the Competition

  • Sellers learn how to properly position their comprehensive offering and present ROI+ solutions that either displace or support the client’s other online and offline initiatives

Coaching the Competitive Media Seller

  • Trains managers how to become coaches and help develop their sales team. We collaborate with managers to create a customized coaching plan to implement. 

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